Updates on classes and workshops

Beginning Monday November 23rd. there will be a few “in-studio” classes. Four places are available per class. Registration for in-studio classes is available on the “classes” page. Pre-registration will reserve your space in the class. We will not accept “drop-in” students during this time. You will need to bring your own props. Prop kits will be made available at the studio on a monthly rental basis.

Monday 9-10.15am (level 1/intro with Jess)

Tuesday 9-10.30am (level 1/2 with Jess)

Tuesday 5-6.45pm (level 3/4 with Jess)

Wednesday 9-10.15am (Level 1/intro with Jess)

Thursday 9-10.30am (Level 2 with Jess)

Saturday 9-10.30am (level 2 with Jess)

Upcoming workshops

  • Fall Intensive with Jess: November 20-22nd. This will take place on line. Details to come soon.
  • Sunday December 13th: BKS Iyengar Birthday Celebration workshop taught by Jess.

Re-opening our doors for classes
New York State has just sent out directives for the opening of gyms and indoor classes. Your health and safety is our primary concern.

We may begin in-studio classes November with a very limited number of practitioners who need to sign up prior to each class.

In between now and then we will:

– install an air filtration system to maintain healthy clean air.

– figure out space/webcam/technology so the on-line and in studio can be taught concurrently. The studio will only accommodate 4 people max. Most of you can continue with on-line classes as you have been doing.

– develop practices, procedures and protocols that will make in-studio classes safe.

– Complete the required paperwork to be submitted to the NYS Dept. of Health to comply with their regulations.

What you can do to help re-open our doors.

– Take our on-line classes. They are the only revenue we have to stay open, and have a studio to return to. We appreciate your support.

– Create an account on MOMOYOGA. This will be the only way to register for in-studio classes. There will be NO drop in option available even if you have a class card. If you have classes remaining on your studio card they will be transferred to your MOMOYOGA account. SIGN UP HERE

– Start preparing your yoga prop kit. When we do re-open, for your own safety, you will need to bring all your own props. Have a mat, 3 blankets, 2 blocks, a belt, and a bolster. You can buy props locally from YogaLifestyle in Highland, New York Clear Yoga will provide chairs as they are easy to disinfect.

– Sign up for Jess’s videos of classes recorded on zoom. These are for basic and intermediate levels and are labelled with the focus of the class. They are available on my vimeo channel.

Comments so far have been ” They are terrific ” (KN from New Hampshire),” Wonderful ” (AB from Zimbabwe), “Great and really helpful” (JG, Rhinebeck). There are 35 so far and 2-3 are added each week.

Jess teaching in England..
What is truly remarkable about on-line teaching and practicing is that it can be done anywhere, and any time!

I will be visiting my family in England for 6 weeks, from mid-September until the end of October. During this time I will be continuing to teach almost all my regular classes on-line; all that will change will be my background! My first class online will be Tuesday September 22nd at 9am EST. I will make sure all class information is on the website. Sign up for classes while I’m in England is on MOMOYOGA ONLY as I will not have access to the studio computer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.All of the information above is subject to change as we are in a very fluid situation where, as Buddha said – “Things can change in the blink of an eye”. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for signing up for our classes, our videos, and supporting our studio.

Recordings of past classes can be ordered from our Vimeo page here.

We have also set up a Clear Yoga YouTube Channel where you can watch and practice sequences for immunity, pranayama, intemediate and basics classes.    

You can find the channel here.    

Below is a meditation audio file:


Clear Yoga Mentoring Program. This is on hold until further notice

Clear Yoga on YogaVastu

Our pledge to you…

No one is too stiff, too out of shape, too stressed, or too old to begin Iyengar yoga. Understanding and helping you is the basis of our teaching methodology.   Contact clearyogarhinebeck@gmail.com, or 845 546 YOGA. to discuss your goals and condition, and she will help you set a course of action for you. All that is required is a willingness to learn and to face your challenges steadily, one step at a time.

Folks who practice Iyengar Yoga get stronger very quickly.

Aches and pains disappear with regular practice, and after a while, Iyengar Yoga students say they are much stronger, more flexible, and have a higher level of endurance.

Whatever yoga that you learn has to make you a better human being.  That’s our foremost Dharma (duty) and Iyengar Yoga definitely is meant for that ultimately.  But you can’t start with that.  You won’t join a yoga class because you want to live like a lotus flower.  You will join a yoga class becauseyou want to get rid of pain, you want to improve your flexibility.  So with any aim you can come to a yoga class but once you start your classes; you attend the classes regularly; you take up practice; changes will happen automatically on their own.  You just have to have an open mind to see that in hindsight.

Five, six years down the line you look back and you realize this change has happened.  Oh! I was more reactive, but now my responses are more controlled.  Oh! I used to be lazy, but now I’m not.  So this happens in hindsight.  Then you realize how Iyengar Yoga has touched you.

But you cannot start with that aim. ….start with the aim to gain the health, but later once you accept it, yoga makes the transformation possible.”

Abhijata Sridhar Iyengar (from the Dallas Convention 2019.)