• Cancellations and teacher’s substitutes.

Thursday April 24th: 9.30 level 2 will be subbed by Joanne Leffeld.  12.30 Intro. class will be subbed by Cher.

Friday April 25th: 8.30am class will be subbed by Alice.

Saturday April 26th: 9.30 level 2 and 11.30am Intro class will be subbed by Tricia.

Sunday April 27th: 10am level 1/2 class will be subbed by Tricia.

A focus for your practice……..

“Asana offers a controlled environment for conflict and creation.  The aim is to recreate the process of human evolution in our own internal environment.  We thereby have the opportunity to observe and comprehend our own evolution to the point at which conflict is resolved and there is only oneness, as when the river meets the sea.” BKS Iyengar.  Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Why a restorative yoga practice is important

On reading BKS Iyengar’s Light on Life, I found his description of the four aims of life.
dharma:” doing one’s duty by living in the right way”.
artha:” earning one’s own living”.
kama:” the pleasures of love, humans” ,and family.
moksha:” freedom”.

Iyengar gives and image of a river. The two banks on either side are dharma and the other side of the river is moksha. The river in between represents the changing phases of our lives as described by artha and kama.
Our lives are divided into 4 parts:1. being a child and teenager whose aim is to learn.
2. Being an adult earning a living and enjoying the pleasures of life, and having a family.
3. Beginning to detach from your family whilst living with them – stepping aside to let the younger generation take over.
4. The final stage: ultimate detachment, freedom.

Our asana practice is like these stages of life: asanas require us to be learning, developing and evolving as practitioners, accumulating knowledge and awareness. Once a month, however, we get to practice detachment. We get to practice, for a little while, the forth stage of life so that when it finally comes to us, we have an understanding of what it is to detach without fear or trepidation. With the support of props which are almost like an exoskeleton supporting the outer body, we are encouraged to begin to let go from deep inside ourselves. As Iyengar says:

” The performance of duty becomes instinctive. Detachment is always a struggle.”

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Upcoming workshops and events

Saturday May 10th

A workshop with Matt Dreyfus.

Freedom in Back bending

2-4.30pm.  $40. sign up on events page

Sunday June 8th

An afternoon with Brooke Myers

Iconography In Asana

1-4pm. Sunday June 8th. $45. sign up on events page.


 Future Workshops

Sunday August 3rd: Yoga for Scoliosis with Marcia Monroe.  Details to follow soon.

Sunday September 21st:  A workshop with Jarvis Chen.  Student of Patricia Walden and amazing teacher.  All levels welcome.