Clear Yoga is offering classes on-line for the foreseeable future. Details are on the classes page….

We will be using Momoyoga to sign up for classes. You can create an account here.

We have also set up a Clear Yoga YouTube Channel where you can watch and practice sequences for immunity, pranayama, intemediate and basics classes.    

You can find the channel here.    

Below is a meditation audio file:

Some specifics:

  • If you have a class card that you are NOT using for Zoom classes, it will be on hold until we are able to re-open the studio for regular classes.
  • If you have scheduled a private class, this class will be held on “Zoom” email Jess at to set up, reschedule, or cancel a private class.
We understand that it is a stressful time, and that your yoga class and your yoga community play an important role in relieving stress and anxiety. But, we are all here, we are all in this together, figuring out what the most appropriate action is day by day with awareness, kindness, understanding, and compassion.
Take this time to practice at home; explore what you know, perhaps discover parts that you don’t know, nurture yourself. We are being given an opportunity to pause, stay home, stay quiet…..and count our blessings.
We will be back practicing together soon.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

Iyengar Yoga Structural Intensives: Specific work for your injuries and chronic aches and pains. 2020 dates….THESE ARE POSTPONED FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS DUE TO COVID 19.

These cover lower back basics (January 13, 20, 27)), Hips: strength and mobility (March 16, 23, 30), Knees, feet and ankles ( April  20, 27, May 4) and Relief from Neck and Shoulder pain(May 11, 18, June 1).     Click here for details.  email to sign up.   THESE SESSIONS ARE NOW FULL.  Dates for the summer sessions will be up soon.

Looking ahead into post Covid…

  • Sunday June 7th: Healthy hips with Jess. $40.
  • Summer Intensive with Jess: July 17-19th. $180.
  • Sunday August 16th: A day with Jarvis Chen.
  • Sunday September 13th: A workshop with Lucienne Vidah.
  • Fall Intensive with Jess: November 6-8th. $180.

Clear Yoga Mentoring Program: 2018-2020.

Clear Yoga on YogaVastu

Our pledge to you…

No one is too stiff, too out of shape, too stressed, or too old to begin Iyengar yoga. Understanding and helping you is the basis of our teaching methodology.   Contact, or 845 546 YOGA. to discuss your goals and condition, and she will help you set a course of action for you. All that is required is a willingness to learn and to face your challenges steadily, one step at a time.

Folks who practice Iyengar Yoga get stronger very quickly.

Aches and pains disappear with regular practice, and after a while, Iyengar Yoga students say they are much stronger, more flexible, and have a higher level of endurance.

Whatever yoga that you learn has to make you a better human being.  That’s our foremost Dharma (duty) and Iyengar Yoga definitely is meant for that ultimately.  But you can’t start with that.  You won’t join a yoga class because you want to live like a lotus flower.  You will join a yoga class becauseyou want to get rid of pain, you want to improve your flexibility.  So with any aim you can come to a yoga class but once you start your classes; you attend the classes regularly; you take up practice; changes will happen automatically on their own.  You just have to have an open mind to see that in hindsight.

Five, six years down the line you look back and you realize this change has happened.  Oh! I was more reactive, but now my responses are more controlled.  Oh! Iused to be lazy, but now I’m not.  So this happens in hindsight.  Then you realize how Iyengar Yoga has touched you.

But you cannot start with that aim. ….start with the aim to gain the health, but later once you accept it, yoga makes the transformation possible.”

Abhijata Sridhar Iyengar (from the Dallas Convention 2019.)

“Iyengar’s is the most eyes-wide-open approach. He tells you to see the world for what it is and teaches you as you are. The best definition of Iyengar yoga I can give is that the tool, the body, is used as the tool of consciousness. He hones the body to hone consciousness. He brings the body to a state of awareness making consciousness rise. The body, mind, and spirit, run in harmony. We utilize the body to get greater understanding of the universe, ourselves, and our own internal universe. Other definitions talk about precision and alignment, but clearly this is about the ancient texts of yoga: awakening the individual, realization of that individual within the confines of the universe, and the effort that these flow together to liberation.” Manouso Manos.