Class schedule changes

Sunday 10am level 1/2 class with Joe will be taught by Tricia Scott until September 2014.

Teacher substitutes 

Friday July 25th 8.30 am class will be taught by Jess.

Friday August 8th 12 noon class will be taught by Jess.


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Lecture given by Manouso Manos at the Asian Art Museum in San Fransisco. The lecture was prompted by the show “Yoga: The Art of Transformation”. Manouso talks about yoga, and his teacher BKS Iyengar.

A thought for our feet.

“Leonardo di Vinci considered the human foot, with its fantastic weight suspension system comprising one quarter of all the bones in the human body, “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”…. Dr. Hartmann (leading PT from Ireland who serves at the great and powerful Oz for the world’s finest distance runners) says “Just look at it’s architecture. Blueprint your feet and you’ll find a marvel that engineers have been trying to match for centuries. Your foot’s centerpiece is the arch, the greatest weight-bearing design ever created. The beauty of any arch is the way it gets stronger under stress; the harder you push down, the tighter its parts mesh. No stone mason worth his trowel would ever stick a support under and arch; push up from underneath, and you weaken the whole structure. Buttressing the foot’s arch from all sides is a high-tensile web of twenty-six bones, thirty three joints, twelve rubbery tendons and eighteen muscles, all stretching and flexing like an earthquake resistant suspension bridge”.
Taken from Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.


Further Reading:

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Upcoming workshops and events

Sunday September 14t

A workshop with Jarvis Chen.  Student of Patricia Walden and amazing teacher.  All levels welcome.


Sunday October 12th:

Class with Brian Hogencamp.  Long time student of Manouso Manos.  A must for those coming to Manouos’s workshop here next July.

Sunday October 26th:

A workshop with New York city teacher Hugh Millard.  All levels welcome.  Details to come soon.

November 9th 2014: Yoga for Scoliosis with Marcia Monroe.

Save the Date 2015 Workshops

July 24-26th 2015:  We welcome Advanced Iyengar Yoga teacher Manouso Manos. Details on events page.