Upcoming workshops in 2019

Manouso Manos workshop July 26-28 2019. Click here to register.

 Sunday February 3rd: Warm up this winter: back bends with Jess

Back bends are a wonderful therapy to get through the colder, darker and more sedative months of winter.   Not only do they combat the symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but can improve immune function, respiration, build strength and stamina,relieve lethargy and depression, release shoulder and neck tension, and exhale out the stress of the holidays.

2-4.30pm (level 1 and up)


Sunday March 3rd: Back From India with Sheila Bunnell

2-5pm.  $45.

Sheila will share her learning from the recent Centenary Celebration convention in Pune, India where she studied with Geeta, Prashant and Abhijata Iyengar.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. level 1 and up.


Sunday March 17th: A day with Genny Kapuler

This will be Genny’s 6th year at Clear Yoga.  Many of you ask “when is Genny coming back”.  A truly inspiring and brilliant teacher who has devoted her life to the study of movement and yoga and the understanding of ourselves through the body.

10am-1pm: $60 

2.30-5pm: $50 

Whole Day with Genny $100 $

Sunday April 14th: Ropes workshop with Tricia.

2-4 pm.  level 1 and up

Ropes give freedom in our poses.  Invented by BKS Iyengar, ropes are used to facilitate strength and flexibility, provide balance and relaxation in all our poses.  Come and explore the wonderful world of ropes.  

More details to come soon.  $35. 

Sunday May 19th: A day with Jarvis Chen

Jarvis returns to Clear Yoga for a whole day of practice.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to study with Jarvis.  Level 1/2 and up.

10-1pm $60

2.30-5pm $50 

Whole day$100

Sunday June 23rd: Strengthen your pelvic floor.

2-4.30pm.  All levels.  $40 

Emotional Stability Sequence: What is this?

Designed by BKS Iyengar and described in his book Light on Life,  this extraordinary group of restorative poses is designed to transform body, mind and spirit. Cher offers a special class at Clear Yoga devoted to the practice of this sequence.
May 26th
August 25th
December 1st
from 2-4.30pm. It is for level 1/2 and up.
$30 or $10 on your class card.


 Manouso Manos workshop 2019: July 26-28.  Register.


Workshop Payment and Refund Policy

Your place at one of our workshops will be confirmed when paid in full only.   You cannot sign up without payment and expect your place to be held.

  • 48 hours or less prior to the workshop will result in 30% of the cost of the workshop being returned in the form of credit ONLY.
  • More than 48 hours cancellation will result in credit of 70% of the cost of the workshop.
  • If you cancel the day of, or do not come, no credit or refund given.
  • In the event that the teacher cancels or cannot make it for an unexpected reason, you will either be given a refund or credit toward a class card.

We understand that things come up – we ask your understanding that the visiting teacher has committed their time and a refund to you is not always appropriate.  Thank you for your understanding