Upcoming workshops….

 Manouso Manos workshop: July 20-22 2018.   This workshop is SOLD OUT. email clearyogarhinebeck@gmail.com to be put on a wait list.

Emotional Stability Sequence: What is this?

Designed by BKS Iyengar and described in his book Light on Life,  this extraordinary group of restorative poses is designed to transform body, mind and spirit. Cher offers a special class at Clear Yoga devoted to the practice of this sequence.
Cher will teach two during the summer:
Sunday June 24th
Sunday August 26th
and two in the Fall and Winter
October 21
Dec 9
from 2-4.30pm. It is for level 1/2 and up.
$30 or $10 on your class card.

Jarvis Chen workshop: Sunday September 16th


This will be Jarvis’ 5th year coming to Clear Yoga.  He is not to be missed.  A wonderful teacher and profound practice.  Level 1/2 and up.


Matt Dreyfus: Saturday October 27th

2-5pm. level 1/2 and up.


Details to come soon.

Workshop Payment and Refund Policy

Your place at one of our workshops will be confirmed when paid in full only.   You cannot sign up without payment and expect your place to be held.

  • 48 hours or less prior to the workshop will result in 30% of the cost of the workshop being returned in the form of credit ONLY.
  • More than 48 hours cancellation will result in credit of 70% of the cost of the workshop.
  • If you cancel the day of, or do not come, no credit or refund given.
  • In the event that the teacher cancels or cannot make it for an unexpected reason, you will either be given a refund or credit toward a class card.

We understand that things come up – we ask your understanding that the visiting teacher has committed their time and a refund to you is not always appropriate.  Thank you for your understanding

Clear Yoga Mentor program 2018-2020

This program begins in September of 2018.  It is a two year program that meets monthly on a Saturday for 4 hours.

You are expected to be a practitioner of Iyengar Yoga.

You are expected to study regularly with Jessica.

You do not have to have taught yoga before.

“Teaching is a difficult art, but it is the best service you can do for humanity”. BKS Iyengar.

Why get certified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher?

By beginning this journey, you are joining an extensive lineage , beginning with BKS Iyengar, of not only teaching, but of being open to learning and understanding what it is to be a human being.

The teachings of BKS Iyengar are an invitation into the deepest understanding of the self. Certification in this methodology offers a means towards “ knowledge’ and an opportunity to bring your students along this path.

The process towards Iyengar Yoga certification is, as such, an intensely personal journey.   There will be moments where you run up against yourself: anxieties, fears, prejudices and of course, your hopes and aspirations. It will be a mirror for you to work. It is only through this level of deep self examination that we are able to teach.

This program is being offered as a mentoring program.  As such, you will need to take regular weekly classes with Jessica.  She will mentor you through training, practice, and eventually Iyengar Yoga assessment.

The role of the mentor is to get to know your practice, to guide, steer and train your teaching to a level required to become a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

Here are the details:

This program offers a 9 month program. Here’s what you will learn:

– A foundational analysis of yoga asana on the introductory level certification syllabus.

– How to communicate the actions of an asana effectively
 with clear, succinct instructions.

– How to watch and observe students in order to move them along in their practice.

– To observe and watch yourself in a similar manner.

– To sequence asanas correctly.

– To practice teaching
 your peers.

– To learn basic hands on adjustments.

– Preparation for Iyengar Yoga assessment and certification.

One Saturday a month from 2-6pm. Beginning September 2018 and ending in June 2020. There will be no class in December, July  or August.

Who can join this program?

– It is intended for current Iyengar Yoga students who have had a minimum of 2 years practice with a certified Iyengar teacher.
– It is for those who plan to be certified as Iyengar Yoga teachers.
– It is intended for teachers are committed to the journey of further certifications.
– It is for those who are certified at the Introductory level planning to go up for Junior Intermediate level 1.

It is not designed for those who would like to deepen their yoga practice or for those not planning on beginning the path to Introductory certification.


– minimum of 2 years regular Iyengar Yoga practice.

– only teach and practice in the Iyengar method.

– To attend minimally 1 class a week with Jessica throughout the mentoring program. It is recommended in the Certification manual to take one class at your level of practice and a second at the level of certification you are going up for.

– To attend workshops offered at Clear Yoga.

– To attend the annual workshop with Manouso Manos in July.

– A commitment to attend each of the Mentoring sessions offered for the nine month program. There are no payments for Individual sessions.

– To have Jessica as your mentor for minimally two years before going up for assessment. There is a required amount of hours that IYNAUS requires that includes this program, classes and workshops taken.

It is expected that you commit to completing the 2 years with attendance and payment.  The cost of the program is $560 per year.   If you are interested please complete the following and email Jess at clearyogarhinebeck@gmail.com

Your name
Your mailing address
Your email address and phone number
Do you teach yoga?
Number of years of Iyengar Yoga practice
Names of previous or current Iyengar Yoga teachers

If certified, what is your level of certification?

A short essay (no more than one page) on why you want to become an Iyengar Yoga teacher.