Upcoming workshops in 2019

Sunday December 15th with Hugh Millard

2-5pm. Level 1/2 and up.  $50



Hugh is an exceptional teacher.  His attention to detail brings meaning to the words we use to describe actions.  He studied with Donald Moyer for a period of time, and more recently with Firooza Razvi.  Iyengar said that there are limits to what we know, but no limits to what we don’t know.  Hugh’s teaching helps us know a little bit more about ourselves, through understanding our most manifest being – our body.

Wednesday December 18th: Winter Solstice Celebration with Jess and Cher.


Join us for our annual tradition to bring in the light of the new year.  We will practice asana, pranayama and meditation in an effort to invite contemplation and awareness of ourselves at this quiet dark time.  Nature sees to it that we must let go in order to grow and change.  



$20 or $5 surcharge on your class card.  All levels welcome.

Looking into 2020… more details on all these workshops soon.

Sunday January 5th: Connect to your core: A workshop with Jess. 2-4.30pm.  level 1 and up.



Sunday January 19th: An Introduction to Somatic Movement with Jeni Ascosi.  2-4pm. $40.

This work addresses patterns of pain, discomfort in the body using movement that improves the body-mind integration.  I have personally worked with Jeni for several years and am thrilled to have her come and introduce her vital and important work to us.  The movements compliment, and deepen your yoga practice, bringing awareness, relief from previously unseen patterns of tension that some of us have carried through our emotional and psychological lives.  It is open to anyone who seeks to understand themselves more deeply. 




Sunday February 2nd: Back bends with Jess.  2-4.30pm. level 1/2 and up.



Sunday March 22nd: A day with Genny Kapuler. Level 1/2 and up



May 1-3: A weekend workshop with Advanced Iyengar Yoga teacher Peter Scott.  Level 1/2 and up.  

Peter has visited Clear Yoga twice and we welcome each visit.  He is a wonderful teacher.  His humor, gentleness, and keen observation brings new learning and discoveries to postures you thought you understood !  He is certified at an advanced level by BKS Iyengar and is one of the leading teachers in Australia and Asia.  Sign up soon – this workshop will sell out. 

Whole weekend  $250.

Friday May 1st: 5.30-7.30pm: $60 

Saturday May 2nd:  $130 10am-1pm and 2.30-4.30pm.


Sunday May 3rd: 10am-1pm  $75

If you are travelling from out of town, book your accommodation soon as Rhinebeck gets booked up quickly.  There are also 500+ airbnb homes and rooms available in the town and surrounding area.

Sunday September 13th: A day with Lucienne Vidah.



Workshop Payment and Refund Policy

Your place at one of our workshops will be confirmed when paid in full only.   You cannot sign up without payment and expect your place to be held.

  • 48 hours or less prior to the workshop will result in 30% of the cost of the workshop being returned in the form of credit ONLY.
  • More than 48 hours cancellation will result in credit of 70% of the cost of the workshop.
  • If you cancel the day of, or do not come, no credit or refund given.
  • In the event that the teacher cancels or cannot make it for an unexpected reason, you will either be given a refund or credit toward a class card.

We understand that things come up – we ask your understanding that the visiting teacher has committed their time and a refund to you is not always appropriate.  Thank you for your understanding