Upcoming workshops in 2019

Clear Yoga has a Youtube channel where you can follow along with sequences while the studio is closed. 



Sunday June 7th: Healthy hips with Jess.

2-4.30pm.  Level 1 and up.



Maintaining healthy range of motion in our hips is critical for the health of the spine, the internal organs, the knees, ankles and feet, as well as shoulders and neck. A lack of range of motion in our hips increases the load on the spine and the joints below and above. Maintaining strength in the gluteal muscles is key to supporting the spine, the pelvic floor, and helps manage and reduce discomfort from such conditions as bursitis, instability in the sacrum, and sciatica.
Join us for this on-line workshop. email Jess prior to the workshop if you have specific hip issues that she needs to be aware of.

Summer Intensive with Jess: July 17-19th.  “The path to the hero in you”.

This will take place on-line using Zoom.

Friday 17th: 5.30-7.30pm  $30

Saturday July 18th: 10am-12.30pm $30

Sunday July 19th: 10am-12.30pm $25.

Join me in a three day practice of this deep and fascinating subject of yoga. We will be contemplating the “hero” in each of us. In Sanskrit the word Virabhadra means hero or brave person.  The word “vir” means to overcome, to have courage.  
The Vira “the hero” has nothing to do with the altruistic“Hollywood” hero. The Vira also has nothing to do with the spiritual warrior. The Vira we will endeavor to discover is the Vira where everything that comes to you, in the state in which you are in, whatever this state is, is the expression of where your consciousness is in this moment.  It requires absolute bravery to put yourself in that place.  
Our lives, our society is designed to do the opposite – we desire more of what gives us pleasure, avoid what causes pain, or fear.  We become so enmeshed in satisfying or repelling these attractions that they define our lives.  Thus, we are perpetually reinforcing feelings and actions that are not based on what is happening now, but what has already happened, ore what may happen, and we cannot spend a moment actually seeing and being exactly where we are.
We are living in unprecedented times of uncertainty.  At times like these, our desire for continuity can be driven only by our desires, our avoidances, and our fears.  And yet, it is a perfect time to begin to examine exactly why we do what we do.  Never has there been such a call to be absolutely present and co-exist with the uncertainty.
Accepting uncertainty is the ultimate reality of practice.  This is a brave stance to take.  Allowing yourself to reveal the essential of the moment is the essence of the hero: not to enhance, nor transcend where you are, but simply to allow yourself to feel what happens in the moment, and forget the stories you spin,  forget that part of you that is attached to your pains and pleasures and enter into the spontaneous ability of your own consciousness. 
Come and discover the “Virabhadra” in you 

Sunday August 16th: A day with Jarvis Chen

10am-1pm and 2.30-5pm. level 1/2 and up.

$100 for the whole day  

$60 for morning class.  


$50 for afternoon class.  

Sunday September 13th: A day with Lucienne Vidah.




Fall Intensive with Jess: November 6-8th.

$180 for the entire weekend. 

Friday 17th: 5.30-7.30pm

Saturday 9.30-1.30pm (with a short break)

Sunday 9.30-1.30pm (with a short break)


Workshop Payment and Refund Policy

Your place at one of our workshops will be confirmed when paid in full only.   You cannot sign up without payment and expect your place to be held.

  • 48 hours or less prior to the workshop will result in 30% of the cost of the workshop being returned in the form of credit ONLY.
  • More than 48 hours cancellation will result in credit of 70% of the cost of the workshop.
  • If you cancel the day of, or do not come, no credit or refund given.
  • In the event that the teacher cancels or cannot make it for an unexpected reason, you will either be given a refund or credit toward a class card.

We understand that things come up – we ask your understanding that the visiting teacher has committed their time and a refund to you is not always appropriate.  Thank you for your understanding