What can you expect from an Iyengar yoga class

A safe, methodical, clear progression of yoga poses so you can understand every step of the way.
A different class every week that sequences the poses to develop your strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration and relaxation
Clear demonstration and explanation by well-qualified teachers so that you don’t have to guess how it’s done.
Modifications for issues and injuries so you can understand specifically how the pose works for you.

Updates on classes and workshops

Clear Yoga now offers “in studio” and “online” classes.

How it will work?

We are still taking care of our yoga community and numbers in the studio are currently restricted to 6 per in studio class.

Due to the rise of the Delta and Omicron varianta of Covid in the area, we ask that folks who come into the studio be fully vaccinated. You are required to bring PROOF of vaccination. Masks are also required.

If cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons need to contact clearyogarhinebeck@gmail.com for options on how to take class for your safety and the safety of the studio community.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT DROP IN TO A STUDIO CLASS WITHOUT BOOKING YOUR SPOT using your momoyoga account…..if you arrive without a booking, there may not be a space for you.

  • Jess’s on-line classes will run concurrently with in-studio classes.
  • Masks are recommended but optional.
  • Props: Bring your own, or use studio props at your own risk. Props are not cleaned after each use.
  • sign up on momoyoga will be required for all classes.
  • Limited number of 6 students in the studio per class.
  • The studio will be cleaned after each class and hand sanitizer is available.

Upcoming workshops: sign up for these on the CLASSES or Events page

  • Sunday January 9th: Connect to your core with Jess
  • Sunday February 13th: Beat the Winter Blues: Back bends with Jess
  • Sunday March 6th: Ropes workshop with Jess (IN STUDIO ONLY)
  • April 8-10: Weekend IN PERSON retreat with Jess at Menla retreat center. Sign up at https://menla.org/ . 16places available only.

Thank you for signing up for classes, videos, and supporting Clear Yoga.

Recordings of past classes can be ordered from our Vimeo page here.

Clear Yoga YouTube Channel here.    These classes are FREE.

Below is a FREE meditation audio file:


Clear Yoga Mentoring Program. This is on hold until further notice

Clear Yoga on YogaVastu

Iyengar Yoga can give you what you need…….

No one is too stiff, too out of shape, too stressed, or too old to begin Iyengar yoga.

Understanding and helping you is the basis of our teaching methodology.  

Contact clearyogarhinebeck@gmail.com, or 845 546 YOGA. to discuss your goals and condition, and we will help you find a class that works for you.

You have to bring a willingness to learn and to face your challenges steadily, one step at a time.

Folks who practice Iyengar Yoga get stronger very quickly.

Aches and pains disappear with regular practice, and after a while, Iyengar Yoga students say they are much stronger, more flexible, and have a higher level of endurance.

Whatever yoga that you learn has to make you a better human being.  That’s our foremost Dharma (duty) and Iyengar Yoga definitely is meant for that ultimately.  But you can’t start with that.  You won’t join a yoga class because you want to live like a lotus flower.  You will join a yoga class becauseyou want to get rid of pain, you want to improve your flexibility.  So with any aim you can come to a yoga class but once you start your classes; you attend the classes regularly; you take up practice; changes will happen automatically on their own.  You just have to have an open mind to see that in hindsight.

Five, six years down the line you look back and you realize this change has happened.  Oh! I was more reactive, but now my responses are more controlled.  Oh! I used to be lazy, but now I’m not.  So this happens in hindsight.  Then you realize how Iyengar Yoga has touched you.

But you cannot start with that aim. ….start with the aim to gain the health, but later once you accept it, yoga makes the transformation possible.”

Abhijata Sridhar Iyengar (from the Dallas Convention 2019.)


Enjoy this interview with Raya U.D: